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We provide peace of mind and massive savings for Series A and
seed stage funded technology companies.

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Whether it's software or mobile apps, the average startup has to hire and retain at least 3 engineers to get their product off the ground.

The average time it takes to recruit a 3 person technology team is 90 days. Once everyone is hired, the average amount of time it takes to launch a working prototype is another 90 days.

After a year, the average cost to a startup is $500k. If you work with TapForce, you get a highly efficient, full-stack team that can launch or revamp your product in 60-90 days.

We charge between $15k and $30k per month and at the end of a year you save time, money and a handful of sleepless nights.

Who we are
Alexander Tsoukias
Founder, CEO
Artur Balabanskyy
Founder, CTO
Our (amazing!) Team
John Dimopanagos
Senior DevOps, Security Head
Trung Le Vu Tran
Full Stack Developer
Oleksandr Syneiko
Senior Software Developer
Nazar Kvyatkovsky
Mobile Team Lead,
iOS Engineer
Zoriana Ivaniuk
iOS Developer
Victor Tsvyck
Front End Developer
Vasyl Zarichny
Software Developer
Stefa Dovbush
Front End Developer
Inna Leon
Eldina Agrafioti
Customer Service
Katya Kvyatkovska
UI/UX Designer
Angelo Konofaos
UI/Graphic Designer
Vasyl Melnychuk
Front End Developer
Oleg Mykhayliv
Quality Assurance
Yura Antoniv
Junior Mobile Developer
Lidia Dovbush
Project Management